The Ward's Robe was created to spread awareness of known and unknown designers in our community

the owners

Meet the Ward's

The ironic story of us becoming business owners is quite funny we had a small boutique in Raleigh NC about 5 years ago before we packed up to move to Florida after losing my Mother to cancer we decided;

We as a family needed a new start. Once we settled into corporation life everything was a breeze we thought we had everything figured out our life was balanced we were comfortable.

Long and behold there was a transition within our corporation job that shook us up the thought of once retiring and collecting a pension was gone.

Not knowing where our next plan was i had a dream and in that dream it revealed that it was time to get uncomfortable.

It was time to step out on faith! Yes faith; As my husband and i starting planing on what type of business we would start we collectively decided a boutique,we wanted a name that stood out and represented our vision, hence the name The Ward's Robe a collection of pieces that we decided to put together to give our customers a different style.

We have the upper hand from just being another clothing store it is definitely family ran and we actually visit each and every manufacturer to check out the quality of the items being sold.

As we started shopping for area's getting business plans together we was hit with a monkey wrench my husband once secure job was being consolidated which meant pink slip.

The good thing was by the time this news hit we already had stepped out on faith and signed our rental lease and started preparing our new venture.

Coming from both strong customer service positions we pride our business on our customer service,being a family owned business we know that word of mouth can make or break a business ,so we pride ourselves in uplifting the community one purchase at a time .

The Ward's Robe is located in the center of Tampa, FL.

The thing that makes the Ward's Robe different from other boutique's is that we travel for the variety of styles we carry yes personally travel some things look good on the internet but once you receive it, it's totally different,so we hand pick items and build relationships with our suppliers.

Looking forward to meeting you as well!